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Our Services



1. Direction for investment in food & Agro industries and offering advance counselling services for food & Agro business in all aspects.
1. Complete guidance on investment option for small to large scale expenditures in food industries.
2. Commodity opportunities, determing the information measure areas and products, having business potential, ideas already officiliazed and idealizing new areas in food processing.
3. Encouragment in additional funding to the existing production, contact tieups, joint venture and partnerships on technology and expenditure areas.
4. Facilitate counselling services in all aspects of food business industries and assist in tieup with investors, bankers and other term loan related ways.
2. Direction for evalution of Products Marketing, sales, Research & Development, advertisement and distribution activities.
1. Guidance on pricing, market survey and research, margins, guidance on supply chain, etc.
2. Food Styling, Food photography, design, development, banners, advertisements, etc.
3. Figuring out evalution process for the product being conceptualised or being manufactured.
4. Guidance in marketing of products, recognizing distributors, etc.
5. Offer direction on ways and means to control the supply chain during marketing of products through distributoin.
3. Task outline and all other techno commercial report devicing and execution services for food & Agro industries from ideal to trading scale.
1. Support for supplying finance and investment, direction for exclusive food tasks from concept to commercial scale.
2. Assistance for recognizing the right machinery and its manufactures for projects, designs and development of machines.
3. Providing through design for all kinds of projects which includes machinery layouts, manpower and material movement, storage places, utilities, work areas.
4. Guidance for establishing food incubators and food park, assistance for contact manufacturing tieups for all processed foods.
5. Help in supplying and discarding of used machines from food projects.
4. Product Growth, Technology transfer and execution services from ideal to commercial scale.
1. Product and process development, normalization of product, and commercialization.
2. Assist in sourcing and transfer to machineries.
3. Issue solving in process, outcome and quality related to existing orgnization.
4. Support in rising up of already developed product know how lab to pilot, pilot to commercial etc.
5. Development of packaging design for new products and nutritional labelling.
5. Food Safety, its implementations, Auditing and improvement services.
1. GAP analysis and consultancy to comply them.
2. Direction and execution of HACCP ISO22000, BRC kosher and GMP related.
3. Assitance in authentication, writing SOPs, SSOPs, QA manuals, Operations and GMP manuals etc.
4. Help in excuting ERP based on SAP or other system softwares.
5. Different kinds of technical auditinng, assessment visits and inspection services.
6. Guidance of food science, offering skill teaching, product manufacturing, demonstration, initiating commercial outcomes and other human resourses development.
1. Tutoring in various colleges and universities to graduate and post graduate food science and technology students and PHd scholars in universities as an expert faculty.
2. Attending classes on empowerment, awareness to upcoming enterpreneurs in food processing.
3. Expert advance counselling and opportunity counselling services in food business.
4. Conveying skill training of various product knowhow and preparation of products.
5. Arrange workshop, seminars, conference and expositions related to food processing.